Ladies and Lords, readers from around the world, sentient beings of diverse sexes and gentlefolk of all genders and none…. Welcome to the internet!
Most specifically, welcome to that tiny corner where I hold court.
This blog takes its title from a recurring remark in The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan; the quotation in question being “The power of naming, as old as Adam.” In my invocation of this, I mean to point out the power of language in articulating thought. I have interests in philosophy, philology and phonetics, particularly poetry, prose and cinematic craft (as well as an apparently advancing alliteration addiction).
My reading is mostly fiction of the fantastic and science-fictional varieties and my posts will likely be related to these themes when not political or existential in nature.
I hold myself to no rigid ruling of topics to cover here, other than what interests me or seems to me important to say. However, commentary on films, books, television, current events et cetera are probably safe bets. By the way, I have a policy of not placing bets unless the odds are in my favour (May they ever be in yours!) so make of that what you will.
One thing you may have noticed is that I haven’t extended the power of naming to myself here. I do not at this time intend to do so. You may know my name already, you may not. My identity’s no great secret, but if you don’t know me, then you don’t need my name. Avid readers of this blog, if any there are, may find out much about me in what I write, they may even find my True Name but so what?
“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” and a blog by any other name would read as rightly.

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